The OIIQ’s Professional Examination

The examination

The OIIQ’s professional examination aims to determine if the candidates possess the necessary skills to resolve clinical situations similar to those encountered by a nurse at entry-to-practice, that is:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Judgment

The professional examination is used to assess the integration and application of appropriate knowledge pertaining to precise clinical situations.

A written exam

It is a written exam which includes 45 à 50 clinical situations which encompass between 135 and 150 multiple choice questions.

For its part, Priim@ is an online consolidation program comprised of 63 clinical situations which, in turn, contains more than 350 questions, principally  multiple choice type questions.

Exam preparation

Exam preparation for the OIIQ is the foundation upon which Priim@ is based.

Thanks to this tool, you will undergo this sizable professional challenge which awaits you at the end of your college path in nursing or university-level program in nursing and carry it off brilliantly.

No need to wait, learn more about the tips offered by Priim@ to maximize your chances of succeeding the OIIQ exam.

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